Category Archives: How do I get a soliciting permit?

Solicitation in Scott Township is regulated by ordinance 525, which states an application must be completed in full by each person soliciting and returned with two 2″ x 2″ photographs, a copy of a photo ID and the proper fee. The fee schedule is as follows:

Business located in the township: $5 / day – $20 / week – $50 / month
Business not located in the township: $10 / day – $50 / week – $150 / month

Soliciting is permitted Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM until Noon. There is no soliciting permitted on Sunday.

Applications are reviewed by the Chief of Police and should be available two to three working days after the completed applications are received.

A copy of Ordinance No. 525 is available at the Scott Township Police Department. Please feel free to make as many copies of the application as needed. If you have any questions please call 412-276-7725.

Scott Township Police Department