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Traffic Complaints

One of the most common complaints we receive are traffic related. We feel that the most effective way to solve theses complaints is by presence and enforcement. Two ways the public can assist us are to notify us when there is a specific problem and to provide us with information on where the problem is occurring, and when possible, by whom (vehicle description). If you reside in a residential neighborhood and are willing to permit Scott Officers to monitor traffic from your driveway, we want to know. Upon advising us, we will request that you complete a permission form and your driveway will be put on a list of locations that our Officers can park at to monitor traffic. Call Sgt. Steve Fury @ 412-276-7725 ext 247 for more information.

Suspicious Activity

Although our Officers patrol the Township very thoroughly, we can not do it by ourselves. We need your help in keeping your eyes open for any suspicious activities in your neighborhood. When you see something that doesn’t seem right, call the police, we can investigate. Although we prefer that you give your name and number to the Police Dispatch in case we need to obtain more information from you, you can remain anonymous if you prefer. Call 9-1-1, if it needs immediate attention. For general information or comments, call 412-276-7725 and leave a message.

Abandon Vehicles

The Township does have an ordinance on abandon vehicles. The Police Department only investigates abandon vehicles on public streets. Abandon vehicles are vehicles that are parked on the street with either an expired inspection sticker or registration plate. Vehicles that are parked on private property are investigated by the Township Ordinance Officer, Bob Fischer. He can be contacted @ 412.276.5300 ext 252.

On Street Parking

Some areas of the Township have restricted parking from 2am until 6am. These streets are posted with signs at least on each end of the street. In these areas vehicles need to be completely off the road to be in compliance. Should a temporary situation arise that a vehicle may need parked on the street (driveway repair, guests, etc.) you can call the non emergency dispatch or the Police Department Administrative number between 8am and 4pm Monday thru Friday, or call 9-1-1 after hours to request permission from the on duty supervisor for on street parking. Should you have a complaint about unauthorized on street parking, call 9-1-1 and notify the dispatcher.

Door to Door Solicitation

Scott Township has a Solicitation Ordinance that requires individuals to first obtain a permit before soliciting. Application can be made to the Police Secretary at the Police Station. Soliciting is not permitted past dusk and is not permitted after noon on Saturday, and not at all on Sunday and Holidays. If you see any violation or suspect a solicitor is not in possession of a permit showing they have been properly vetted, please call 9-1-1 and inform us!

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